Some of the greatest Football / Soccer goals ever scored.



  • Evan Andrus I’m not British, we use either fries or chips, they’re not the same damn thing as what this guy is doing deliberately. The video says football, why change to soccer unless you’re from specific countries where idiots there think the world revolves around them
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  • as of 6/16. Christiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world and it is not even close
  • Make a video about cristiano Ronaldo like the one you did with Lebron James “king James” you’ll get tons of views !!
  • You could say the same about the NFL. It stops every 10 seconds and there are always adverts. Personally I prefer watching football(soccer) because it seems much more tense cause there is normally only 1 goal separating the two teams.
  • How do you not include the AGUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO broadcast call..
  • I don’t really like soccer or football. And I’ve probably seen most of those goals before just from compilations. But with your video editing and everything about your videos makes it feel like I’m watching them for the first time
  • Marrow people have their own interests I never really saw the specialist soccer that’s why I’m basketball football fan
  • Great vid joe!! Been subbed for about 7-8 months! I love how each one of your vids feel like 1 hour when they are really 10-15 mins ❤️️ thx
  • people here talking a sport that mostly played by hand calling football and the sport that mostly played by feet is calling soccer. Pay no mind Joseph, it was a great video and thanks for calling it football like the rest of the world does.